I can't remember what 24/7 news channel talking head it was, but he just couldn't understand the fascination with CAT videos. Well, it's very simple. They're usually REALLY FUNNY. And, so far, with regards to this one, more than 7 million viewers are in agreement.

So, here now, for your at-home enjoyment or your at-work enjoyment--don't let the boss catch you--we have a gold tabby cat perfectly at ease--or so it seems--"demonstrating" the dubstep.

Gotta tell ya, this is so funny. It's one of those things that's just hilarious every time you look at it. Now, when you first see it, you might wonder if this guy is hurting the cat, but he's left a comment under the video indicating that that is absolutely not the case.

And, although the cat's ears look as if they flatten out about two-thirds of the way through the video, we're assured that the cat is "the chillest cat ever."