So much for a heartwarming reunion story!  And there have been a ton of them on YouTube lately.  We have been treated to some very emotional videos in which soldiers reunite with their wives, husbands, daughters and sons after serving time overseas.  Those videos have been popping up all over the place and it seems people are becoming more and more creative in how they make surprise visits.  But humorist Michael Carbonaro wondered if his cat would react as emotionally as people do.  Well, here's your answer.  LOL!

As a cat owner, I can tell you from experience, this is EXACTLY how it plays out at my house.  When I return from vacation, Oprah (and, yes, that's my cat's name) just looks at me the same way she always does.  She looks at me in one of three ways.  #1-  Like she's hungry and I need to serve up the Friskies pronto.  #2-  Like it's time to clean out her litter box because she is not about to use something as gross as a Port-a-Potty.   And #3-  Like she can't wait for me to go to sleep so she can claw at my jugular vein.

Yep, Michael Carbonaro!  I'm feeling you.  Been there.  Done that.  I know your pain.