Name A Cockroach After Your Sweetie? Yep, It’s A Thing.
I am a self-proclaimed terrible gift giver, but even I know this may come across the wrong way, ha! The Bronx Zoo is giving you the chance to give your someone special the gift of naming a cockroach after them! Yep, you read that right, ha! Now, I don't have anyone to get a Valentine's gif…
Pancakes & Portraits For Pets
Dream Copy Photography is once again hosting an event for you to get your pets picture taken in a Christmas setting! The event, Pancakes & Pet Portraits is set to benefit SparKy Rescue!
Deer Flips Over Kenton County Kentucky Police Cruiser [VIDEO]
When the calendar turns over to October, and the temperature drops, I know I have to be careful on the parkway and on the back roads. Luckily, I've never hit a deer. Just the other night, I went out to visit some friends and right before I turned into their driveway, two deer casually tried to cross…
Do Your Pets Sleep in the Bed with You?
Do your pets sleep in bed with you?  Mine do.  My bedroom's like a Jack London novel.  But there's a new study that claims that having your pets sleep in bed with you may not be the best thing for a good night's sleep.  In fact, a study by the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona …

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