SparKy To Host “Pampered Pooches Pet Fair”
Get your fur-babies ready, this SparKy event is for you! The "Pampered Pooches Pet Fair" will have everything from nail-trims to a doggie bake sale! The event is Saturday, April 11th at the new Tractor Supply Co., on Starlite Drive, In Owensboro.
Jac’s Foster Dog Lacey Needs A Forever Home [VIDEO]
For some reason, I have been on a puppy kick lately. Of course, I've always loved puppies, but in the last few weeks, I've been wanting to adopt one. Now, we all know this isn't a good idea. We already have Clyde, and as much as I love her, she's too big for me to bring another dog into our normal s…
Wilma: A Tribute to My Beloved Standard Schnauzer
Wilma was not supposed to be my dog.  She wasn't really.  My friends Dawn and John Poyner found her at a yard sale.  Truly.  She was running around some random neighborhood after a week of brutal thunderstorms.  She was wet, scared, muddy and lost.  They knew, because of a coworker, that I had a sch…
The Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl Ad… Grab A Tissue [VIDEO]
The Super Bowl has quickly become more than just a football game. It's about the grandeur of the night, the entertainment during halftime and of course, the commercials. Every year, Budweiser knocks it out of the park with amazing commercials. This year, is no different from the previous years for t…

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