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Jennifer Nettles To Make Broadway Debut
Country music lovers have always known how talented Jennifer Nettles is, but now, Broadway will know too! Jennifer is set to make her Broadway debut in a Tony award-winning, record-breaking hit musical...
Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Entertainment Announced!
It's the one night of the year where three of my favorite things are all together... football, good eatin' and music! Yep, the Super Bowl! Tonight, during the Sunday Night Football game, they made the big announcement about the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl XLIX and I am PUMPED!!
Merle Haggard Reunites With Old Friend [PHOTO]
Merle Haggard shared a picture of himself with an old friend Monday on his social media sites. Guess it doesn't seem that unique until you know how long it's been since they've seen each other and where they were together last. It's beyond intriguing.
Watch Willie Nelson’s Card Trick [VIDEO]
I see some pretty random things scroll across my Facebook timeline, but every now and then, something catches my eye. A video of Willie Nelson doing a card trick will do it every time, ha!
My favorite part isn't even the trick, even thou it's awesome! My favorite part is just watching him a…
I’m Over Sex Being Everywhere [Rant]
I've been looking at this screen for the last 20 minutes trying to think of an appropriate beginning to this rant and nothing seems to fit. So, here goes... I'm sick of seeing Kim Kardashian's boobs and butt all over my computer. I'm sick of sex being everywhere. I'm sick of it being ok. I'm sick of…
Sneak Peek Of Garth’s New Album, Today Only!
Gotta love an email from Garth Brooks, right? Ha! Well, if you're on his mailing list, you got one yesterday, too. The cool thing is, he's decided to get all of his fans a sneak peek at his new album, TODAY ONLY! Happy Halloween to us!
Here's the entire email...

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