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The Manning Brothers and DIRECTV Release New Rap [VIDEO]
Remember last year, when Peyton Manning, brother Eli and even Dad Archie made a hilarious rap video with DIRECTV?!? (If you need a refresher, click HERE). Well, they've done it again!
Yep, the Manning boys have a new rap video and you may cry from watching it. I cackled, a lot, ha!
Brett Eldredge Makes Good On Dangerous Promise! [PHOTO]
"Me and my big mouth"... I find myself saying this a lot, and I'm guessing Brett Eldredge recently said the same thing, ha! Brett announced on social media a while back that if "Beat Of The Music", a recent single, went Number 1, he'd go swimming with th…
Celebrity Divorce Accouncements Amuse me
There is no doubt that divorce is a serious situation and affects families, children, and many others, thus it's no laugh matter at all. That being said, the divorce announcements made by celebrities and their, "People" do make me chuckle a bit...
Justin Moore and Wife Welcome a Third Baby Girl!
If he wasn't before, Justin Moore is really outnumbered in his house now! Justin and his wife Kate welcomed a baby girl into their family yesterday, July 14th. This new bundle of joy makes three little girls in the Moore household and joins big sisters, Ella (4) and Kennedy (2).
I love baby girl…

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