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Preview 8 Tracks From Miranda’s Upcoming Album
Dave Spencer and I just sat in the studio and got chills from listening to "Holding On To You". It's one of the eight songs that you can preview from my girl, Miranda Lambert's new album. Platinum is released this coming Tuesday, but you can take a listen to some of the n…
Miranda Gives Carrie A What?!? [PHOTO]
I'll tell you what, the last time I got a friend a gift, I'm pretty sure I got her a bottle of wine. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood must be on a different level of friendship than I am.
Carrie tweeted out a photo of a gift that Miranda recently gave her... Go ahead, take a look!
Willie Nelson Turns 81 And Did What?
Willie Nelson is one of the most decorated artist in any genre of music. This week, the living legend turns 81 years old and you're not going to believe what he did! And, don't worry, he didn't cut off his trademark braids, ha!
To be 81 years old and still be touring the country like he does, we all …

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