Dixie Chicks Cover Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” [VIDEO]
I'm going to fully admit up front, I'm drinking the 'Lemonade' and it's refreshing. Beyonce's new concept album of the same name has topped the newest Billboard 200 chart and one track is getting a lot of attention in the country world. As soon as I heard the first chords of "Daddy Lessons"…
My Favorite Merle Haggard Song [VIDEO]
2016 has been a brutal year as we've lost so many famous faces, and the death of Merle Haggard just flat out hurts. I used to tell my friends when we lose George Jones and Haggard, country music will never the be the same. Now they're both gone and I'm sad.
Dave Spencer Nearly Steals a Phil Vassar Bobblehead
Phil Vassar ("Just Another Day in Paradise," "In a Real Love") performed Tuesday at the Ryman Auditorium. He was there for the matinee and the evening show. I had the good fortune of interviewing him just before he went on.

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