Who Should Play Christian Grey? [POLL]
If you've listened to my show at all this week, you've heard me mention my new obsession 50 Shades Of Grey. It's a three-book series written by EL James. It's taking over the county in the minds of just about every female I know. And, it's for good reason! ;)
With all of the success from the books, a…
Jake Owen Invites Rapper To Duet
I know, sounds crazy right? Or does it?? While checking out Twitter, I found a recent tweet from Jake Owen. He was inviting a well-know rapper to perform on CMT Crossroads.
But, who was it??
Ask Jac: Session 1
Before I get started in the first session of Ask Jac, I want to say that by no means am I a therapist or licensed to do this. (Man, that's a scary thought!)
Just wanted to offer up some friendly advice for all of my radio friends out there.
This is my first session of Ask Jac, let me know if you …
Ask Jac
Hey y'all... thought it would be fun to play the role of Ann Landers of Owensboro! So, ask away!
Country Music Television Viewing For The Cable Impaired
Country music is hitting the airwaves in more than one way this week beginning this evening with Miranda Lambert on NBC's "Law & Order SVU". I want her to play the bad guy but hey thats just me. The episode premieres tonight at 9PM Central time this evening on you…
Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Susan Welcome Son Exton
By Kathleen Perricone |
Move over, Apple, Suri, Bronx, and Blue Ivy — here comes Exton Elias. That's the unusual moniker Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, have given their newborn son, who was born on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, clocking in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long…
What is Your Teen Saying? Teen Lingo EXPOSED!
So how well do you communicate with your teenager? Now, I'm not talking about the “birds and the bees” discussions (although let me just throw in here how important those are to have) but if your son/daughter comes home and says something is “sick," do…
Girls Weekend Is Good For The Soul
This past weekend I had a girls weekend. (Y'all probably know this, because it's all that I talked about on Friday!) Well, it wasn't quite as good as I was hoping...it was better! I even learned a few things.
WBKR’s HOTTEST Male & Female Country Artist
So yesterday on my Midday Show, we discussed how a certain magazine (we won't mention any names) basically got it wrong on their list of Country's Hottest Men. So, we had our own poll! And, once we got into it, the guys wanted in on the action. Of course, we had to have a Hottest Female aw…
Jaclyn’s Purse O’Plenty??
So, last week, I was on the road at Hometown IGA. Long story short, I locked the keys inside the WBKR van. (I know, I know!) While I was waiting for sweet lil' Emily Carter to bring me an extra set, I started going thru my purse....well, I found some pretty interesting things...

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