Merle Haggard Reunites With Old Friend [PHOTO]
Merle Haggard shared a picture of himself with an old friend Monday on his social media sites. Guess it doesn't seem that unique until you know how long it's been since they've seen each other and where they were together last. It's beyond intriguing.
I Found Some Awesome Things At Preservation Station [PHOTOS]
Being that I used to live on the West side, I knew that the old West Louisville Elementary School had been transformed into Preservation Station. I knew that there were vendors inside and that it looked pretty cool in pictures, but until last weekend, hadn't been yet. To be completely honest, I figu…
Kentucky Senate Candidates On KET Tonight
Election Day is less than a month away, have you decided who you're voting for? And more importantly, why you're voting for that person? I understand that the voting process can become quite tainted with all of the ads, but it is one of our greatest responsibilities as a citizen and we should all pr…
Ghosts of WBKR: Who Is This Ell-Bee?
So, you've seen some mysterious goings-on late at night here at WBKR, but what about what is going on outside the building? I present Exhibit A, this board with the name, place (?) "Ell-Bee" carved into it.
‘Voices of Elmwood’ Tours Begin Thursday [VIDEO]
Have you ever wanted to walk in shoes of the past? Do you love history? Then look no further than the fifth annual "Voices of Elmwood" at Elmwood Cemetery presented by the Daviess County Public Library and the Owensboro Museum of Science and History.
Children of the 90’s… Surge Is Back! [VIDEO]
Fellow children of the 90's, prepare yourself for this excitement... Surge is back! Yep, the make you bounce off the walls and stay up all night, delicious coke is back! (I'm Southern, therefore every "cola" is called coke. If I wanted an actual Coke, I'd capita…

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