What Should Happen to the Ward’s Trend House Lot? [PHOTOS]
In February of 2008, a fire destroyed Ward's Trend House Furniture Store on E.14th Street & Moseley and the apartments above it. At the time the owners intended to open a new business and they already had inventory in the building. Over nine years later, the lot is vacant with green gra…
Is it Daviess or Daveiss?
As most of you know, I come from a family of history teachers. However, I do not come from Daviess County or is it Daveiss County? Let me explain.
Kentucky Coal Museum Now Running on Solar Power
Wait a minute, isn't coal or at least coal jobs supposed to be coming back Kentucky? While that question is still up in the air, the history of our coal mining industry has taken a page from the modern way of doing things. The Kentucky Coal Museum located in Harlan County, has installed solar p…

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