John Glenn Dies at 95 [VIDEO]
John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth and he served his home state of Ohio in the US Senate. Glenn passed away Thursday at the age of 95.
Where Do I Cast My Vote? [PHOTO]
Chad and I were discussing where we each will go to vote this morning and I have to admit I had no clue where to go this year.  So I hopped on the internet and googled it.
If you are in the same boat I was head, on over to the Voter Information Center and type in your information and you'll…
The Statue of Liberty’s History in 90 Seconds [Video]
The Statue of Liberty turned 130-years-old on October 28th!  And, to honor the milestone, Time magazine put together an amazing video that spans Lady Liberty's entire history in just ninety seconds.  What better day than Election Day to share this video about our country's single…
Vintage Footage of Opryland USA Theme Park from 1988 [Video]
Oh my goodness!  This video brings back a ton of childhood memories. Last year here at WBKR.com, I shared a story called Remembering Opryland USA: The Home of American Music.  That blog contained some vintage footage of the park.  Thanks to YouTube, I found some more.  Check this out.  It's a video …

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