Kentucky Unseen Photo Exhibit Now Open At John James Audubon Park
Linda Bruckheimer, wife of Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimier, grew up in Louisville. She moved to California as a teenager. She's written two best-selling novels about Kentucky. Now, a very special photography exhibit about Kentucky roadside attractions that was inspired by Bruckheimer's childho…
Mesker Amphitheatre Set Lists Archive
Mesker Amphitheatre in Evansville was one of the places to see live concerts in the Tri-State. Sadly, in 2009, Mesker hosted its final concert and it had to be shut down until infrastructure upgrades are made. I found something cool. A site where you can find and add set lists from Mesker concerts o…
Map Dot, Kentucky Offers Unique Look At State
Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite Facebook page... Map Dot, Kentucky! This page will virtually take you all over our beautiful state from Possum Trot to Pikeville, hitting all the small-town highlights along the way.

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