Scary Movie Reviews- The Witch and Ouija: Origin of Evil [VIDEO]
I love Halloween and I love watching scary movies, even the bad ones. Love is a strong word to describe the two I watched over the weekend. I thought of something, which type of fright do you look for in a scary movie? Scares or creepiness? The first one up is without a doubt creepy, but not for the…
Ghost Walks in Newburgh, Indiana [Video]
If you're looking for a fun way to spend a spooky October night, make plans to head over to Historic Newburgh, Indiana.  The city hosts two different "ghost walks" designed to send shivers up your spine.  Here's a video sneak preview of last year's walks!
Owensboro Woman Decorates Office with Creepy Clowns [Video]
Today is National Face Your Fear Day.  And, everyone knows that yours truly is afraid of clowns.  I have been my entire life and can vividly remember screaming my face off at Roberts Stadium one year when I was approached by a Hadi Shrine Funster.  Well, to commemorate this national holiday, I decid…

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