Local Military and Veterans To Be Honored in New Video
Local singer-songwriter Nathan Morris has an interesting and inspiring new project.  He's creating a video that pays tribute to local veterans, active military personnel and our fallen heroes.  And here's how YOU can be a part of it and pay tribute to members of your military fam…
Purple Up for Military Kids Tuesday
Since 1986, April has been declared the Month of the Military Child.  And Tuesday, April 15th, the American Red Cross is encouraging you to celebrate and honor military kids by wearing purple clothing.  Yep!  We want you to Purple Up!
Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” Commercial [VIDEO]
It's hard to argue against the fact that Budweiser makes some great commercials. One of my favorite parts of watching The Big Game is patiently awaiting the commercial breaks. Budweiser is always on my Top 5 commercials of the game each year.
Welp... they've done it again! "A Hero's Welcome"…