Dolly’s “Coat Of Many Colors” Trailer
Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colors" is a fan favorite of the country legend's fans. This December, NBC is turning the song into a made for TV movie. The movie tells the true story of how the song came to be, thru the young life of Dolly.
Country songbird Jennifer Nettles and Ricky Shroder …
Michael Myers' deeply troubled childhood manifested itself in adulthood when, on one fateful Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois, he went on a mad, murderous tear through an unsuspecting neighborhood.
Listen To An Audience React To ‘Halloween’ In 1979 [VIDEO]
It set the gold standard for horror movies. It was an independent film. It made Jamie Lee Curtis a household name. And we continue to watch it every Halloween. Even though this clip of an audience in Hollywood watching 'Halloween' in 1979 has existed for a couple of years, I hadn't he…
He embezzled money from his company, then fled Phoenix for southern California, stopping along the way just long enough to buy a new car with his ill-gotten gains.

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