Natalie Merchant Sings “Owensboro” [VIDEO]
It's no secret all of us contributors for WBKR are always looking for something to blog about. I search for stories with "Owensboro" either in the story or in the title. I've searched on YouTube several times and one video that always pops up is "Natalie Merchant…
Angel’s Family Forms A Band [VIDEO]
Angel Here!  You just never know what you'll find on any given night at the Welsh house.  This particular night my husband, Joe, and our two babies, Tuck and Charlotte decided to form a band!
Bobby Clark Performs Live on WBKR [Video]
Bobby Clark made a stop by the WBKR studio last Friday morning.  He dropped in to promote the CMT Crossroads episode starring Darius Rucker and his first cousin, John Mellencamp.  Bobby wrote the song "Grandview"- a duet between Mellencamp and Martina McBride that's featured on John's new …

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