Chris Stapleton and Stugill Simpson Rock SNL [VIDEOS]
Rarely do I get really excited about Saturday Night Live anymore; I still watch it, but in the past few years, it's the musical guests that are really making an impact on the audience. Saturday night was no exception because there was some Kentucky country in the house!
Erin’s Top Ten Country Songs of 2017 [VIDEOS]
2017 is almost in the books and this year in country music was chock full of new artists and songs that would not give up the number one spot on the charts. I'm giving the ten songs I liked and some did well on the charts, most didn't. Here we go!
Chad’s Top Ten Country Songs of 2017 [Videos]
It's been kind of a crazy year in the world of country music. We've had a ton of new music from artists we had never heard of until this year. And we had superstars like Miranda Lambert and Eric Church struggling to climb the charts. However, as unpredictable as 2017 was in the world of country, I a…

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