Clyde Meets A Mole [VIDEO]
A few months ago, Carsyn and I adopted a sweet little puppy from Sparky Rescue. We named her Clyde and she is a wonderful addition to our family! She's a teenager now, haha, and loves to be outside!
We've been taking her on nightly walks and last night she met a baby mole. She was hilarious…
This Friday is National Bring Your Pet to Work Day
Here at WBKR, Miss Sabrina, the receptionist's chihuahua is the first to greet you. Sabrina also goes by Bree-Bree, Babs and Barbara. She cleans up on treats and goes from office to office at lunchtime. According to a tweet by Purina Dog Chow, Friday is Bring Your Pet to Work Day...
Meet Clyde! She’s Carsyn’s New Puppy! [PHOTOS]
Clyde & Carsyn  If you listen to my Midday Show, then you know how much Carsyn loves animals. Any animal... horses, bunnies, kitties, puppies and even unicorns, ha! She's been asking for a pet for a while and I finally decided that I was ready to get one. I knew that a puppy was the way to go...…
Puppies Make Me Laugh Out Loud
Okay, it's the middle of the day. You may be off tomorrow for Good Friday. How about something to make you feel better the rest of the day? No, I am not talking about THAT. Instead, cute puppies! Look.
Dierks Looks To Twitter To Find “Jake”
If you know two things about Dierks Bentley it's that he has a really old truck and a best friend named Jake. Jake is his beloved dog and Sunday night, it seems that Jake got loose in the storm and is lost.
Dierks took to Twitter to try and get some help with this message:
Here's a pic of Di…
Meet Noel – SPARKY Pet of the Week
Hi, this is Noel. I'm here from Sparky Rescue to tell you about  -- me! I was on with Chad on Thursday on WBKR at 8:20am. Chad said to tell you we have a new sponsor for our Sparky Segment: Give a Dog a Bone on 54. Love them!
So, about me. I am already neutered, up to date with shots, good …

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