Carsyn Dances With Milo
As most of y'all know by now, Carsyn LOVES animals! Especially kitty-cats. Her favorite kitty-cat is Milo and it lives at her Mimi and Pop-pop's. I'm convinced this cat has a screw loose. You don't believe me?? Watch for youself!!
I Want My Dog-gone Receipt (Sorry…Had to Do It)
I haven't visited a veterinarian's office in many a moon, so I don't know if  it's common for Labs to be part-time employees. I think it's a great idea. And these yellow Labs look like great dogs. Hmmm, I wonder if they can make change.
Bad Day For Our Family Pets
As some of you heard, Tuesday was a rough day for my house and our sweet little kitty, Pippa. Well, turns out, my sister had even worse luck in her house!
Top 10 Gifts for Hipster Pets From Design Blog ‘Dog Milk’
At Dog Milk, Christine Martinez and her colleagues spend all year sourcing the best dog-friendly products for modern pups and their design-savvy owners — especially those of you with an eye for urban edge. This holiday season is no exception. They’ve rounded up and want to share some of their favori…
8 Holiday Pet-Proofing Tips
Here’s a question that Vetstreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly gets asked often this time of the year: How do you keep all those pets of yours out of trouble?
It’s a great question when you’ve got tinsel, glittery ornaments and all manner of holiday trappings decking your halls, walls and — most menacingly of al…
I Love You — You Go First – No You Go First [Video]
I am no William -- but, without revealing too much on that special night in July 1983 when I asked Debra to marry me and told her "I love you" I was first to say it. Since then I assumed I was out of the ordinary by doing so because I would have thought women would say the three ma…

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