Goldie the Goldfish’s Fate…
Carsyn and I hit up opening night at the Daviess County Fair Wednesday night and came home with a goldfish. Yep, the Queen of killing pets has ended up with yet another one, ha! So, I reluctantly picked the goldfish up, Carsyn named it Goldie and we headed back home.
Chad and I made an on-air bet as …
Thank A Farmer – Carsyn’s Farm [VIDEO]
It's time again to join with Moore Ford Chrysler in Hartford and Thank A Farmer. The passion for farming begins at such an early age and this video shows that. Let's head out to my favorite farmer's place... Carsyn's.
Take a look as my little farm-girl tells you all about her farm, her donkey, Butter…
Pet Safety Tips Regarding The 4th of July
My dog goes nuts at the sound of a passing motorcycle, much less a huge 500 gram grand finale firework going off next door. What about yours? Sadly, lots of pets are lost every 4th of July, because the loud noises and colorful fireworks scare them.
Here are some tips from Petfinder to help you and yo…
Meet Vendo: The OPD’s New K-9 [PHOTO]
The Owensboro Police Department has made an addition to its' already impressive police force... Meet Vendo! Vendo is the latest K-9 member of the OPD!
Here's more info from the OPD about the cute pup!
Dog Protects Baby from Evil Blow Dryer [VIDEO]
This video is particularly funny to me. One of my dogs when I was a kid, Corky, was terrified of the blow dryer. We were playing in the hall when my sister turned hers on and Corky was gone. I mean, like, cartoon-gone. The only thing missing were those little lines behind him.
Brantley Gilbert Gets A Puppy! [PHOTO]
Let's face it...Although I joke about his excessive jewelry wearing or his cut-off t-shirts, even I know how adorable Brantley Gilbert is. Well, how can you make him more adorable?!? Give him a puppy, of course!
Turns out, Brantley just got a new pet and here's the sweetest picture ever...

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