SPARKY Pet of the Week

Meet Brad Kitt – Our Sparky Pet of the Week
He's a biggin!  He weighs right around 15 pounds there about. Very loving and loves to snuggle up and be held.  Even though he's huge!  Give Sparky a call at 270-684-4787.  Let's get Brad Kitt a forever home!  And visit Sparky ONLINE!!
Meet Ninja – Our Sparky Pet of the Week
This is Ninja!  She is a mix breed, and there is some Border Collie in there, along with Labrador Retriever too.  She is just a puppy and she's going to be a pretty big ole' girl, reaching anywhere between 26 and 60 pounds.
She is already spayed, house trained, good with kids, goo…
Bronson the Cat – The Sparky Pet with a New Forever Home
Last Thursday,
a cat named Apple came in to the station with our good friend, John Austin, from Sparky!  All day, Thursday and Friday, my coworkers were telling me non-stop that I needed to get this cat and take it home.  So I made the call and gave Apple a forever home.

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