SPARKY Pet of the Week

Bronson the Cat – The Sparky Pet with a New Forever Home
Last Thursday,
a cat named Apple came in to the station with our good friend, John Austin, from Sparky!  All day, Thursday and Friday, my coworkers were telling me non-stop that I needed to get this cat and take it home.  So I made the call and gave Apple a forever home.
Boogie Woogie is Our Sparky Pet of the Week
Let's Boogie Woogie! Get your paws on the floor and dance to the music. It's WBKR's Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week time.
She will join the WBKR Waking Crew at 8:20 Thursday morning. Here are some details on this cutie.
Sparky Rescue Pet — Damon
Well, then let's introduce ourselves. I'm Damon Dog.
Dream Copy
I am a little (so far!) Cattle Dog/Labrador retriever mix. My parents were very busy cattleing and labbing.
Me and my brother were born about ten weeks ago. We like it here but need a permanent, loving home...
Boomer to Visit Moon on Thursday
"Boomer" comes to visit me Thursday morning at 8:20. Let's play a game and see which Boomer it is.  Choice #1 Chris "Boomer" Berman from ESPN.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week Is Sheldon
Call me Sheldon. I am so cute ... just look. I am a beagle. Wha?? Oh, beagle "mix". Darn it! I am two, up to date on shots, good with kids and a trim 25 lbs. I will see you with Moon and Chad on the Waking Crew at 8:20 this morning. If you want me, shoot me an email at sheldon@spa…

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