Beaver Dam Named Dumbest City In Kentucky (Oh I Have Thoughts)
(Image: Google Maps)
What is infotainment? Yes, it's a real word. It usually refers to a TV show. The site Road Snacks claims to be an infotainment site and there's a faint disclaimer that states "This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don't freak out." Too …
My Dream Vacation [PHOTOS]
Maybe it's because it's 25 degrees outside or maybe it's because I just tend to want things I can't have, but here lately, I've really been thinking about a vacation. And, not just any vacation, but my dream vacation. The kind of dream vacation where money is no object and any place is fair game. So…
I’m An Outlaw Because Microbeads Are Being Banned
Exfoliating my skin and my face is an extremely cleansing refreshing experience. I don't buy exfoliating face wash all the time, but now, I need to buy it while I can. Personal care products containing microbeads will be phased out beginning in 2017. No way!
We Had A ‘Wicked’ Time In Louisville [PHOTOS]
When I opened a birthday card from my parents last month, there were tickets in it. It was four tickets to see the Tony and Grammy award-winning musical 'Wicked'! Ever since I saw a documentary about the development of the show, which debuted on Broadway in 2003, I've been eager to se…

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