What Should Happen to the Ward’s Trend House Lot? [PHOTOS]
In February of 2008, a fire destroyed Ward's Trend House Furniture Store on E.14th Street & Moseley and the apartments above it. At the time the owners intended to open a new business and they already had inventory in the building. Over nine years later, the lot is vacant with green gra…
I Found The Good News Phone [PHOTOS]
On Thursday, I had the opportunity to go by the Owensboro Museum of Science and History for a short visit. I was called in to accompany Zoey and her class on their field trip. As the kids were all getting settled down for their tour to begin, I spotted a familiar artifact.
Mystery Builds in Owensboro [PHOTOS]
I have questions about two construction sites in Owensboro I pass by almost every day. One is getting close to completion, one is just starting, but what are they going to be?
Gourmet Meals Coming to Owensboro [SAMPLE MENU]
How does affordable, healthy, made with fresh ingredients, flavor-packed gourmet meals sound? There’s a new restaurant opening soon guaranteed to make your life easier! See a sample menu, food photos, reviews and more here!
National Puppy Day w/ Dolly, Ellie & Yogi [Photos]
It's National Puppy Day and I am celebrating by sharing pics of my dogs with you guys!  As you all know (or likely know), all of my animals are rescues.  And it just so happens that I have three Bichon Frises.  And here are some pics of Dolly, Ellie and their new little brother, …

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