Where Do I Cast My Vote? [PHOTO]
Chad and I were discussing where we each will go to vote this morning and I have to admit I had no clue where to go this year.  So I hopped on the internet and googled it.
If you are in the same boat I was head, on over to the Voter Information Center and type in your information and you'll…
Ballot Selfies Allowed in Kentucky and Indiana
Who thought the phrase "let me take a selfie!" would apply to the democratic process? On November 8th, if you live in Kentucky, Indiana, or 17 other states, you have permission to take a selfie at the voting booth so you can totally face swap with your ballot.
Tuesday Is Kentucky Primary
Don't forget... Tuesday is Kentucky Primary Day. The big ticket contest is between Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. You'll also be voting for the Senate races, with US Senator Rand Paul facing off against two challengers and six Democratic candidates v…

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