Hartford Seeking Wet/Dry Vote With Online Petition
The wet/dry issue isn't finished yet in Ohio County. When the countywide special election was held in April, both of Hartford's precincts voted in favor of the county going wet. Ultimately, the vote went the way of the county, despite Beaver Dam going wet, staying dry. Now, a new online pe…
Donald Trump Rolls Into The Tri-State [PHOTOS]
This year's Presidential election hasn't even happened yet and it's already historic. The crowds are massive, the polls are spilling over, and the passion is as strong as I've ever witnessed. On Thursday, Republican candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Evansville in ad…
Kentucky Has High Voter Turnout For Caucus
The brainchild of Sen. Rand Paul, who dropped out of the Presiential race in early February, Kentucky's first ever Republican Caucus drew a large voter turnout statewide. Front-runner Donald Trump, who visited Louisville last week, won with nearly 36% while Sen. Ted Cruz wasn't far behind …
Kentucky GOP Presidential Caucus Set For March 5th [VIDEO]
Election season is full steam ahead. The Presidential race alone is one of the most fascinating and polarizing in recent history. For the first time, Kentucky will hold a Republican Presidential caucus as opposed to a regular primary election. So, what is a caucus and how does it work?
Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign
Several major news outlets are reporting that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has suspended his presidential campaign. After a disappointing 5th place finish in Monday's Iowa caucuses, Paul released a statement Wednesday morning announcing his decision.
5th Grader Writes Letter to God About Syrian Refugees
Kids say the darndest things.  And sometimes, through their innocence, they can simplify and paint a crystal clear picture of an insanely complicated world.  That's exactly what happened this week in Ryan Nowak's 5th grade class at Saint Wendel Catholic School in Wadesville, IN.  Mr. Nowak challenge…

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