NASCAR Preview – Danica is ready for Daytona
WBKR NASCAR Preview: Daytona 500
 Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon sit on the pole. Details coming up. But, first Blake Smith’s look back at yesterday’s Duel and his preview of Sunday’s race
The starting line-up for Sunday’s Daytona 50…
Doubling Down in Daytona – NASCAR Preview
WBKR NASCAR Report: Budweiser Duels at Daytona
Blake Smith here.  If you haven’t heard the news from Sunday’s Daytona 500 qualifying, you may be living under a rock. Danica Patrick captured the pole position for this Sunday’s Daytona 500, becoming …
Danica Patrick Makes History
Danica Patrick has always made headlines as a Sprint Cup driver. Sometimes for her semi-racy commercials, sometimes for her latest romantic status or which late-night talk-show she'll be appearing on. This time...she's made headlines for making history. Racing history...
One Week To NASCAR
            As we enter into the final weekend of the off-season (AT LAST!!), NASCAR pays tribute to 5 hall of fame members inducted on Friday at the 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony. These drivers include Buck Baker…
NASCAR and Lady Love
More on Danica in a moment. Right now, Blake Smith has this week's:
            With the 2013 Daytona 500 just three weeks away, puzzle pieces are starting to come together to form what should be an exciting and revolutiona…
NASCAR Shows off in Charlotte
WBKR is your NASCAR station and when the cars are not racing, we keep up with the off-season, too. Blake Smith is here with:
WBKR NASCAR Report: Charlotte Media Tour
  Charlotte was filled with motorsports media members from around the country for this week’s NASCAR Sprint Media T…
Dale Jr. is Most Popular Again
I wrote about tonight's big bash elsewhere, but our season long reporting ace, Blake Smith, has arrived with even more details, especially about Junior.
The glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip has had a “revved up” feeling about this week as the NASCAR community has been celebrating Championship we…
NASCAR Parties Hard in Vegas
Tonight is a big night on WBKR for NASCAR fans. It’s the big banquet! Yep, every year after the season is over all the NASCAR drivers, families, crews and friends gather to celebrate the victors… and those that just completed the season. They will be partying hard in Las Vegas…
NASCAR Finale – Blake Smith’s Pick for the Cup!
No, it is not Hank Williams, Jr. pictured with Blake. You'' have to wait to see who Blake picks as the winner after his preview of the season finale:
Season Finale Preview: Ford EcoBoost 400
                After a controversial finish to last week’s Advocare 500K in Phoenix, only 2 drivers remain ma…
NASCAR Preview — Advocare 500K
Our buddy, Blake Smith has his analysis ready as we wind down the season.
Weekend Preview: Advocare 500K

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be traveling west for this weekend’s Advocare 500K at Phoenix International Raceway. Sunday’s event will mark the 33rd Sprint Cup Series race at the Avondale…
Three Races Left as NASCAR Heads to Texas
Moon and Blake here with a look at a:
Weekend Preview: AAA Texas 500
After a weekend of bumping, braking and short track tempers at Martinsville, teams head to Texas for this weekend’s AAA Texas 500. This weekend will be the 24th Sprint Cup Series race for the Texas track, which opened in 1997. Four d…

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