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Kentucky House Passes Bill That Would Approve Free Community College
One of the most-talked about issues this election season at both the local and national levels is the accessibility of post-secondary education. The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a bill that would guarantee that access to all high school graduates, GED seekers, and home/private school…
Ohio Co Movie Theater, Drive-In Getting Upgrades
I had a discussion with a fellow employee a couple of weeks ago reminiscing about the RC matinee. We didn't grow up in the same town, but we both remembered taking our RC bottle caps as admission to get in. I went to many RC matinees, movie nights, and other afternoons at the Mall Cinema in Hartford…
Cinderella’s Closet Making Prom Dreams Come True This Weekend
Some of my best memories from high school were from prom. Dress shopping, getting hair and make-up done with my friends, the limo rides, dinner and hours of ridiculous dancing the night away... But, not everyone has that positive experience. Some girls and their parents have a hard time affording ev…
Win FREE Lunch From Penn Station East Coast Subs
How does FREE lunch from Penn Station East Coast Subs sound? Pretty good! Enter below to win FREE lunch from Penn Station for up to 20 people, including tea and that famous lemonade! And, Chad and Brett will even deliver it to you or your work place... They are Penn Station's Fresh Cut Delivery…
WBKR Night With The Kentucky Mavericks
The next home game for our Kentucky Mavericks is Thursday, March 17th and it's officially WBKR Night at the Owensboro Sportscenter!
Join us for an awesome night of Mavs basketball and some great prizes!
Win A Trip To Paris (Tennessee)!
It's the first week in our Exotic Getaway contest and we're kicking things off the right way! Wouldn't you love a trip to Paris?!? Paris, Tennessee that is, ha! Here's what you can win!

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