I Discovered An Antique On The Clearance Rack!
You just never know what you'll find on the clearance rack, am I right?!? While doing a little grocery shopping Sunday night, I came across this artifact. Yes, it's ancient, I had no clue these were still even in production!
Go ahead... take a look at this awesome antique discovery I made!
Owensboro Company at the Forefront of Ebola Treatment
The Ebola virus is one of the world's deadliest. It creates an especially aggressive form of hemorrhagic fever which, in the worst cases, will send a patient into shock before death, after bleeding internally and externally.
But an Owensboro company may have an answer.
Computer Dave Destroys a Computer with Fireworks [Video]
My friend Computer Dave asked me if I thought there was any kind of commercial-grade firework that would destroy a computer.  See, he had a customer who was tired of a PC that was constantly giving him fits and decided to put the thing out its misery.  Well, I had a hunch that an Excalibur…

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