A 40-Year-Old Woman Plays Pokemon GO [PHOTOS]
What is it? Is it a party animal? Is it a weeble-wobble? I don't even remember the name of this particular Pokemon, but he/she/it is one I've caught in a week of playing perhaps the hottest mobile game of all time, Pokemon Go.
OMU Now Has An App [PHOTOS]
I'm so glad there's an app for this. I had no idea, but OMU has one that has all the information you need if you are away from your computer or if you have a power outage. Look!
Dear iPod Nano [PHOTOS]
This weekend, I don't know why, but I decided to try and charge my nine-year iPod Nano and see what would happen. What happened was a miracle. Here's the story, in letter form. It's really a dying art folks!

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