WKU, UK Campuses Banning Hover Boards
I still say hover boards are not really what they seem. They don't hover at all, they roll. I like to call them a sideways skateboard. The cutesy lights below the feet give the illusion of hovering. No matter how you feel about them, two Kentucky college campuses are banning them.
What Happens When You Ask Siri To Beatbox? [VIDEO]
If you are an iPhone user, I'm sure you use Siri to help you with directions, phone numbers and more, but did y'all know how talented she is?
What do you think happens when you ask Siri to beatbox? She tears it up, that what happens, haha!
Seriously, check this out!
The Nima Sensor Will Test Your Food For Gluten, No Really!
When I was growing up, I never heard of anyone with gluten/wheat intolerance. I'm sure it existed, but no one, even the medical community didn't talk about it. Be that as it may, a lot of foods today, particularly snack foods, bear the label of  "gluten-free". However, for the gluten-intol…

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