My Thoughts On “The Bachelorette”: Week One
It's time again for millions of women, and let's face it, men too, to gather around the TV on Monday night with wine, snacks and a desperate longing for drama, tears and awkward two on one dates. Yep, The Bachelorette is back! I'll be honest, I typically watch the first night, skip out on the middle…
Greenville Woman Has Photos Published in People Magazine
I call it a harmonic convergence. I'm a huge fan of Survivor. Michelle Vincent of Greenville is a good friend of ours. Michelle is good friends and attends church with Caleb Reynolds--from the Cadiz area--who was a contestant on the most recent Survivor season.
We Got Zoey To Channel Bobby Hill [VIDEO]
Who remembers the hilarious Fox animated sitcom 'King of the Hill'? Bobby Hill was one of the goofiest kids in TV history. In one particular episode, Bobby is being bullied at school. He decides to hang out at the YMCA one day and he notices there's a self-defense class for women. The way Bobby lear…
‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Delivered The Goods…Almost [VIDEO]
Oh my goodness! The season six finale of 'The Walking Dead' was 90 minutes of uncertainty and tension. Hats off to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan was everything and more. Oh man, so much more and so sadistic. I know the Emmys have avoided the show like a zombie infection, but Morgan may get a …

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