My Favorite TV Picks Of 2015 [VIDEO]
Whew! I think I watched more new shows than ever this year, and this list I procured just scratches the surface of a highly viewed and highly competitive year. Streaming series were bigger than ever and they make up a huge chunk of my list, but I liked a few broadcast shows as well. Let's get t…
Five Other Things To Do On Black Friday
Can you hear it? The thundering herd of thousands of shoes, the screams of "I got it!", and the groans of missed items? Me neither, because I'll be sound asleep. Here's five other things you can do on Black Friday.
Dolly’s “Coat Of Many Colors” Trailer
Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colors" is a fan favorite of the country legend's fans. This December, NBC is turning the song into a made for TV movie. The movie tells the true story of how the song came to be, thru the young life of Dolly.
Country songbird Jennifer Nettles and Ricky Shroder …

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