@midnight Finally Rewards Me Points! [VIDEO]
On October 21, 2013, a late night game show premiered on Comedy Central called '@midnight'. The basic premise, host Chris Hardwick has a panel of three comedians comment, make jokes on internet fodder. One of the first features in the show is a game called #HastagWars the panel and the viewers are i…
The Five Funniest Pages to Follow on Twitter [List]
I will admit.  I was late . . . way late . . . to the Twitter train.  But I am now obsessed.  In fact, the first thing I do every single morning is comb through Twitter to catch up on news, gossip, sports and pop culture.  Yes, I suppose it's safe to say that my morning ritual is a blend of three &q…
Rick Pitino Denies Flipping Off UK Crowd After Cardinal Loss [VIDEO]
Fact: Louisville coach Rick Pitino's record against UK with John Calipari at the helm is 1-8. Louisville has not won at Rupp versus the Cats since 2008. Following Louisville two point loss to Kentucky Saturday, there's a new fan-shot video circulating supposedly showing the former UK coach flipping …
129 Dead After Terrorist Attacks Strike Paris
Country stars are joining the nation in sending prayers to the victims of the shootings and attacks in Paris. At least 129 have been killed, most in a hostage situation in the French capitol Friday night (Nov. 13).
Tweet With Us During The CMA Awards!
Tonight's CMA Awards are going to be huge! Be sure you are following @WBKR on Twitter for commentary and reactions. Tweet along with us! We'll also be posting updates to the WBKR Facebook page!

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