Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Your Cat or Dog
I don't know if Cesar Millan uses these ideas for his interaction with animals, but they sure make sense to me.  I've even used some of them for interacting with my cat and dogs, and they work.  It's been proven that our pets can help us feel calmer and healthier, so maybe w…
Real or Not, Bigfoot Never Gets Old [VIDEO]
I dig Bigfoot videos. If you have a recorded Bigfoot sighting (and we HAVE had them around here), please upload it to YouTube. I love 'em. And here's the kicker...I don't even care if you faked it, so long as it looks like you didn't. They're awesome!
Rascal Flatts Tickets Found In Nature By Michelle Vincent
All this week, we have been giving away tickets see Rascal Flatts' big show at the Ford Center in Evansville this Saturday. Today's @WBKR's #rftix Twitter clues went down like this:
Clue #1: Go West
Clue #2: Today we're gonna party like it's 1999
Clue #3: Connect with Nature

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