Freeze Warning Overnight Into Sunday Morning
Remember when it was warm on Halloween? Well, I believe Fall is finally here, and a part of winter is about to arrive. The National Weather Service in Paducah has issued a Freeze Warning in effect midnight tonight until 8:00 a.m. Sunday.
Brrrr: Just How Cold CAN Kentucky and Indiana Be?
Don't let temperatures in the 80s in early November fool you. Winter IS coming. It says so on my calendar. So despite the amazing temperatures we've been experiencing, we just KNOW it's gonna feel a lot different in a couple of months, right?
Owensboro Van Equipped with Window AC Unit [Photo]
Now this is hilarious and, quite honestly, Shark Tank-worthy.  I think we can all agree that this summer has been hot and humid and we've all been trying to come up with creative ways to stay cool.  But this idea is absolute genius.  One local driver installed a window unit in th…
Farmer’s Almanac Predicts 2016-2017 Winter Weather in Owensboro
This summer has been unlike any summer I can remember. Usually, by August, it's really hot and everything is dead. This year though, the Ohio River Valley is more like the Amazon rainforest. I don't even water my plants! (Ha, like I actually ever watered my plants before...)

So, what&apos…
How to Stay Safe Working in Hot and Humid Conditions [Graph]
It has been hot and humid July and, this week, we are going to see that brutal trend continue.  According to the National Weather Service forecast, we're going to top out near 100 degrees later this week and the heat indices are going to be scorching.  While some folks have the comfort and luxury of…

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