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Gameday Superstitions: What Are Yours?
It is the time of year that I both look forward to and dread. I love the playoffs just like any other football fan, but it also means only three more games and waiting until fall for the season to start again.
And like most fans I spent my weekend watching the playoff games...
What Is Your Birthday Word?
I know this is kind of nerdy, okay, totally nerdy, but interesting. The Oxford English Dictionary now has a "Birthday Word Generator". All you have to do is pick the year you were born; I was born in 1975, and the generator will show you what word/term entered into the English lang…
Western Ky Town In Old X-Files Comic
It never ceases to amaze me the things I find while cleaning. A few weeks ago it was a book of country start from the 90's that I find in a box while cleaning. Today it was a comic book from 1997 that I found.
Growing up I was a bit of a geek...

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