Weird News

Studio Keyboard Cord Has Familiar Words On It [PHOTOS]
I'm an observer of some strange stuff, but this is one of the strangest and it was right under my nose in the WBKR studio. I thought this was just an ordinary, run of the mill keyboard until I saw something familiar yet weird printed on the cord.
Louisville Student Denied Payout for Half-Court Shot
This hurts! A University of Louisville sophomore participated in a half-court shot contest at a Women's game at the KFC Yum! Center last Thursday night and he completed the gauntlet (layup, free throw, 3-pointer, half-court shot). One problem, he's not getting the payout. Why? He's pl…
Do You Believe That Ouija Boards Work? [Video]
My friend P.j. Starks popped this question to his Facebook friends and their responses were fascinating.  So, I thought I would ask you all the same question.  Do you believe that Ouija Boards work and, if so, why?  Here are the some of the responses that P.j. received on Facebook.

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