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The Licki Brush: Would You Lick Your Cat? [Video]
I love my cat Oprah.  And, yes.  That's her name.  Really, I do.  She's fun to take naps with.  And I don't mind petting her when she jumps up on the arm of the chair and nudges my hand.  I love her so much that will actually change her food constantly because she's so darn picky.  And only love is …
Straws Are Still Free, Right?
I mean, what happened to me Thursday was just plain weird. I went through the drive-thru and when I was handed my drink, the guy said, "here's your drink and your free straw". What? Did I hear that right? A "free" straw?!
A 40-Year-Old Woman Plays Pokemon GO [PHOTOS]
What is it? Is it a party animal? Is it a weeble-wobble? I don't even remember the name of this particular Pokemon, but he/she/it is one I've caught in a week of playing perhaps the hottest mobile game of all time, Pokemon Go.
Dude Wipes Take Me By Surprise [PHOTO]
I don't get caught of guard in the grocery store all that often. Alas, it happened over the weekend. Just imagine, you are scanning the toilet paper/wipe section (I'm not ashamed!) and this black packaging jumps out at you. Dude Wipes? Seriously, and I'm sorry for being politically incorrect, it's 2…

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