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Canadian Dads Take Sons All The Way To Kentucky For KFC
Seriously. How far would you travel for the food you most want to try and or desire? Two Canadian dads decided none of the over 600 KFCs in their country were good enough for their sons to try the Colonel's secret recipe (11 herbs and spices) for the first time. Nope!
The First Donut In Space [Video]
Yes!  This really happened.  Two guys from Sweden had a really bright idea about a week ago.  They decided to get a pink, sprinkled donut and send it to space on a weather balloon.  And, you know what?  It worked.  Here's the video!
Can You Pass A Kentucky Eighth Grade Science Test From 1912
As funny as it seems, I sometimes miss school. And I mean K-8, because if I knew now what I didn't know then, I would have aced all of my classes. Hey, isn't that a Toby Keith song? Anyway, I was perusing the internet and I found a link to a Bullitt County schools eighth grade exam from 19…
“Freaky-Friday” Takes Over WBKR
Because it's only Friday the 13th every now and then, right? Why not shake things up a bit? This Friday, February the 13th, the CB Radio Show and my Midday Show will switch places! Remember when I was on the Morning Show, many years ago? Well, this Friday, we're gonna have a flashback!
Pop Star Jessie J Can Sing With Her Mouth Closed [VIDEO]
Yes, we'll get to it shortly. I'm a big believer in the notion artists, actors, etc. have weird personalities and or talents not normally seen by the public. Hello?! Have you ever met me? As you'll see, superstar Jessie J, who along with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is nominated for a Grammy for th…
No Live Possum Drop This Year In Brasstown NC [VIDEO]
I've heard of shoes, hams, guitars being dropped on New Year's Eve, but this one has to be one of the craziest. For 20 years, the Smoky Mountain town of Brasstown, NC has dropped a live possum to ring in the new year. Here's what it looked like in 2011.
Goats Plus Christmas Trees Equals A Recycling Miracle [VIDEO]
I grew up about 10 miles from Dundee aka "The Home of the Goat" and I never put two and two together. And as I recall, and I driven though Dundee many times, I never saw a Christmas tree. Did all the goats eat them? It turns out, maybe they did. In Reno, Nevada, one recycling compa…

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