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Odd Beer Names [PHOTOS]
When I was broadcasting from Val-u-Liquors on Hwy 54 Friday afternoon, I noticed some interesting beer names. So, naturally I wanted to share these odd names with y'all, ha!
Take a look! Am I missing any crazy beer names?!?
Movember Is A Winter-Long Event For Erin
I've always been fascinated by "Movember" It's a great charity to raise money and awareness for men's health, however, I think a companion Movember for the ladies is in order. No mustaches required! I think I got this.
Little Known Household Uses for Beer
Most of us don't think of beer as anything other than a delicious beverage!  Even the thought of pouring it anywhere than in our mouth seems sacrilegious.  But, there are some really great ways beer can come in handy around the house.
The Kansas City Star put together a list, here are …

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