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5th Grader Writes Letter to God About Syrian Refugees
Kids say the darndest things.  And sometimes, through their innocence, they can simplify and paint a crystal clear picture of an insanely complicated world.  That's exactly what happened this week in Ryan Nowak's 5th grade class at Saint Wendel Catholic School in Wadesville, IN.  Mr. Nowak challenge…
129 Dead After Terrorist Attacks Strike Paris
Country stars are joining the nation in sending prayers to the victims of the shootings and attacks in Paris. At least 129 have been killed, most in a hostage situation in the French capitol Friday night (Nov. 13).
Take A Trip On The Black Hole Water Slide [VIDEO]
The first water slide I ever rode was just a simple playground type at the pool in Hartford. It was painted white at one point and I slid down on it so much, it wore a tiny hole in my suit, scandalous! They eventually stepped up their game to a twisty slide. I wore it out, not my suit, too. Alas, th…
Famous Charlottes In Popular Culture [VIDEO]
In case you missed it, along with the Kentucky Derby and the fight of the century taking place Saturday, a new royal baby was born, a princess! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) officially introduced their new daughter and she now has a name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Here's…
Google: The Year in Search 2014 [Video]
I love these videos!  I get chills every single time I see one and this year's is no exception.  Here's Google's video of what the world searched for online in 2014.  How many of these faces and events do you recall.

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