There is no doubt that divorce is a serious situation and affects families, children, and many others, thus it's no laugh matter at all. That being said, the divorce announcements made by celebrities and their, "People" do make me chuckle a bit. Recently Jewel and husband, Ty Murray  announced their split in a statement that spread all over the entertainment world  Here's the part of Jewel's statement that brought a chuckle to me rather than a tear to my eye. " Ty and I have always lived the most authentic life possible and we wanted our separation to be nothing less than the loving way we came together." Jewel went on to say,"For some time now we have been engaged in a difficult, yet tender undoing of ourselves..." Now I give her a lot of credit for behaving like an adult but C'mon now tender undoing of ourselves what new age, zen stuff is that I've known plenty of friends and family that have been through a divorce and there was no tenderness about it! Does Jewel make it sound like she's leaving her boyfriend to study aboard for a semester or is it just me. Farther evidence that celebs are out of touch with "Normal ppeople or i am.