They literally come from all over the United States and the world.  350 roller coaster enthusiasts were in Santa Claus, Indiana this past weekend for two days of chills and thrills at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari. And Brett and I got to join the fun!

Holiwood Nights is a private, invitation-only event.  And what makes it cool . . . the fun takes place after the park is closed to regular guests.  Our first stop was Splashin' Safari, where we were treated to two hours of unlimited rides on the Mammoth, the Wildebeest and in the Bahari Wave Pool!

First stop: The Mammoth, where we made new friends from Missouri, Illinois and Florida.  After riding three times in a row, then zipping over to The Wildebeest for three rides, we discovered another awesome feature of Holiwood Nights!  FREE FOOD!!

After the fun at Splashin' Safari, we made our way to the dry park, where we got three hours of roller coastin' ridin' in the dark!!

Our tally for the night . . . three rides on the Raven, three trips on The Legend and we think eight or nine on The Voyage.  We totally lost track, but here we are getting ready for Trip #5.

LOL!  Yep!  We were feeling it.  This is after three consecutive trips in the backseat and one in the front seat.  The Voyage was dark and insanely fast.  It was amazing and we kept going back for more and making new friends each trip.

Here's our buddy, Daniel from Pennsylvania.  And check out these guys!

Vincent and Jeremy drove 17 hours, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to come to Holiwood Nights.  And Matt, the photobomber, drove from Orlando, Florida!

And check out this guy.

I saved Sam from Cleveland for last.  Sam introduced us to the phrase "home park."  See, roller coaster enthusiasts are so passionate about coasters and theme parks, they have developed their own lingo.  For example, "flat ride" refers to any ride that is not a roller coaster.  One young man told us his favorite "flat ride" at Holiday World is The Sparkler.  And the term "home park" is used to refer to the theme park that is closest to where you live- the theme park that is your home base.  Sam, being from Cleveland, calls Cedar Point his home park.

It's wild to think that these enthusiasts, representing home parks and cities all over the country, made their way to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari for the weekend.  Yep!  They came to visit OUR home park!  We love it and so did they!