"Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and Cruise!" Yep, you can't help but sing along, ha! The Florida Georgia Line has taken country music by storm! Their debut single quickly went to number one and their latest, "Get Your Shine On" is sure to follow! They are currently on the road with my boyfriend, Luke Bryan, and are winning over audiences all over the country with their high energy shows and feel-good music.

Chad and I were lucky enough to snag a few minutes of BK and Tyler's time Tuesday at the Grand Ole Opry. We talked about everything... leather pants, moonshine, Tyler's jewelery obsession, BK laying around in his skibbies and I may have felt up one of their legs. Don't judge me, you would have done the same, ha!

Take a listen!

I'll be honest, Chad and I were both a little nervous to watch them live. You just never know how someone will sound on the stage in comparison to the music coming thru the speakers. Well... we were pretty much blown away! They were great and I'm for sure hitting up a full show of theirs very, very soon! Momma needs a night of drinks, dancin' and some Florida Georgia Line!

I'm pretty sure these boys will be sticking around for a good long time. And, I'm just fine with that!