The Owensboro Mud Run is THIS Saturday at Diamond Lake Resort. This event is going to be awesome! Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society and you can still register.

Chad is always coming up with crazy ideas that I basically have no say-so in and running this course beforehand is his latest! We went out to Diamond Lake Tuesday afternoon and actually ran the entire course! (I'm still sore, I have blisters and my left leg is jacked up!) Although all of the course wasn't constructed yet, we scaled a 6 foot wall (well, I basically face-planted), we crossed grown-man monkey bars, attempted the cargo net and Chad even got in the water for those three obstacles. Watch and be prepared to laugh!

So, apparently, I'm not great at scaling walls, crossing monkey bars or handling a cargo net, ha! But, I will say, this course is SO much fun! You can still register for the Owensboro Mud Run HERE.

Make sure and check back for Part 2 tomorrow... Chad races a mini-truck and rolls down a monster hill! I realize that I should not handle ropes and we wrap-up the Mud Run course!