Don't judge!  Don't hate on me because I am truly man's best friend.  Saturday, I was broadcasting live from Give a Dog a Bone in Owensboro and was blown away by the big table of Valentine's-themed dog treats.  They looked just like something you would see in a bakery for humans and my jowls were watering.  Given the fact that the treats were made of all-natural food products, I just couldn't resist.  So, I picked out a gigantic iced doggie bone and, not gonna lie, I ate it!  WATCH!

That was delicious!  So what if I had the sudden urge to lift my leg on a hydrant, scratch behind my ears with my toes, or get frisky with someone's leg.  I will not be judged!  LOL!

In all seriousness, check out the brand new Owensboro location of Give a Dog a Bone.  It's on Hwy 54 next to Waffle House.  They have a great selection of all natural food and treats for your dogs, plus accessories like bedding, collars, leashes and toys!  And, let's definitely not forget that table full of delicious baked goods for man . . . er . . . I mean . . . man's best friend.