Okay.  I will admit it.  I don't have cute feet.  In fact, they're hairy and I look straight up like a Hobbit.  Seriously!  If I was a couple of feet shorter and tunneled out a home in a hillside, I could change my name to Bilbo Baggins.  Oddly enough, my feet came up in conversation last Friday when I stopped by to broadcast live from the holiday open house at N Salon & Spa on Salem Drive in Owensboro.  I was essentially complaining that my toe hair was out of control (my big toe looks like Crystal Gayle) and the ladies at the shop offered up a rather effective yet painful solution . . . WAX!  And, yes, there is video.  

Thanks to Jessie Bohannon for having the strength and the stomach to touch my feet without power hurling.  I make no bones about the fact that they are a little sketchy.  That's what years of baseball, softball, tennis and running will do to you.  It'll turn your silky smooth feet into giant crusty hooves.

And thanks to Natalie Dukes for inviting us to come broadcast from the open house.  The salon is amazing and beautifully decorated for the holidays.  If you want more information about N Salon & Spa, you can get hours of operation and more details by liking them on Facebook!

Now I will live you with one final thought . . . KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!