Get it, Girl!  LOL!  At Daviess County's Relay for Life last Friday night, Jaclyn and I had the chance to emcee the Mr. Relay Pageant and get some photos with the contestants.  Take a look.


Amber from Wal-Mart. Girl was built like Serena Williams. Good luck in the pageant and at Wimbledon!
Ms. Magic from Team Magic. Ms. Magic was very hairy. In fact, you may see her in the upcoming film "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."
Nicolette from Team Ross. If we had known Darling Nikki was only 14, we likely would not have asked her to cup our cheeks.
The leggy and vivacious Jacki from Southern Star. Jacki had the strut of an ostrich on fire!

And the winner was . . .

Amber Waves!!

Yes!  Congratulations to Amber Waves, from Wal-Mart 3363!  Amber raised $260.68 and won the crown and the night.  She won a crown, a sash, and a lifetime supply of Nair!