The first time I met Chad Sermon I knew I was going to like him.  He came to my fireworks store last July and I was immediately intrigued by his swagger, his strut, and his attitude.  I'm a guy who bounces off the walls like a crack addict and Chad Sermon, in many respects, is the exact same way.  I appreciate and relate to the fact that he talks a mile a minute, fidgets like crazy and lets you know he means business.  And this weekend, Chad Sermon is really going to mean business.  See, my buddy Chad is a cage fighter and he's got more than a "W" on his mind this Saturday night.  "The Rooster" wants revenge.

When I met Chad last July, we talked about his experience as a cage fighter and he told me about the injury that nearly derailed his fighting career.  In a bout with Brian Kerr, Chad suffered severe head trauma and had to undergo extensive surgery.  While others wouldn't dare relive that moment, Chad bragged to me about the fact that the video of it is on YouTube and urged me to watch it.  That video, by the way, has three quarter of a million views. But, I am going to be honest.  I am not one of them.  I can't watch it.

But, if you've got he stomach for it, here you go.  But, just know that you've been warned by me and, more importantly, by The Rooster himself.

Remember the Chris Farley line, "That's gonna leave a mark"?  Well, it did.  But the biggest mark for Chad Sermon was emotional rather than physical.  An injury like Chad's would drive your average guy from the ring, the cage.  But The Rooster is no average guy.  He's the guy that routinely sounds off about meth use on Facebook.  He's the guy that publicly blasts his neighbors for their alleged illegal activity and vows to clean up his neighborhood and hometown at all costs.  He's the guy that will stand in the cage toe-to-toe with the man who nearly killed him.

And this weekend, at the Hardrock MMA event in Bowling Green, The Rooster is going to do just that.  There are 16 bouts on the fight card at the Holiday Inn Sloan Convention Center and the Sermon/Kerr rematch is fight #8.  It's something Chad has been waiting and working for.

So, what will Saturday night be like?  How will Chad's story of redemption and revenge play out?  Only time and three rounds in a cage will tell.  But win or lose, The Rooster has already won.  He's fought back from an operating table and hospital bed to regain his swagger, his strut and his place in the ring.  And that's the kind of story and inspiration you expect from a Sermon.

To get more information about Saturday's Hardrock MMA event in Bowling Green including ticket info, the full fight card and more, CLICK HERE!

Good luck, Rooster.