Shelly West is a man!  That’s what Chad thought when I told him it was her birthday this morning on Country Quickies. “What? Shelly West is a girl”? 

Then, he starting playing “Jose Cuervo” and after she began singing, exclaimed, “That’s a woman"??  I’d never noticed but Shelly’s voice  is pretty deep.  I pointed out to young Benefield that she also sang a loving duet with David Frizzell -- Why would two men be singing that duet?  We did, however, receive several calls from listeners who agreed, they thought she was a man, too. Danny did ask Chad, "Why is a man going to want to kiss all the cowboys"?

So, now that we have that resolved – Shelly West is a woman – I will say “Happy Birthday” to the red haired knockout.  She is still singing with David Frizzell and they appear in Branson this fall.  You will hear her hits and lots of others on this Blast from the Past weekend on WBKR presented by Terry’s Tees, where your image counts.\david frizzell